Laurence Kazar Sequin Silk Dress, WarMachine - Retribution of Scyrah Lot fast shipping

WarMachine - Retribution of Scyrah Lot fast shipping


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Warmachine - Retribution of Scyrah Army Lot by Privateer Press

For complete piece list, feel free to send a message. Due to word count limit, I am unable to list here.

All pieces except ones shown as new in box are pre-sassembled, most are primed, and a little over a dozen are painted.One piece: Vyros, Incissor of the Dawnguard Warcaster is Professionally Painted by A.M.P. Services.


Full Instruction Booklet - Packed with Detailed Army Rules, How To Play WarMachine, LORE, and Painting Guide.
Rulers + Tokens
Cards for Figures
Pre-Assembled Figures - Most Primed and Over a Dozen Painted Included one Pro Grade Piece!
Foam Padding Included! - Figures will be packed in Reusable Foam for Full Protection
Full Army, No Need to Buy More! - Field either in smaller factions, or use all the pieces for All Out War in Maximum Point Battles!

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